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My name is William Simpson, and I have prepared these additional notes to aid your application to the CIOB.

Please give yourself and your studies the time they need and deserve.  I strongly encourage you to work at your own pace and to digest the guidance given slowly and fully before moving on.  As you do this, you will become accustomed to the requirements of the course and will complete more quickly.  

This particular course does not include any one to one feedback or reviews. However, after completing this course you decide you would like to take advantage of our personal mentoring service, simply upgrade your course by getting in touch with me via 'messages' at the top of this page. I would be please to work with you to review your reports and bring your application to a successful completion.

Warmest regards,  William.

William Simpson is a founding owner of RivaSure Skills Ltd.
A co-developer of Rivasure GAP Courses and GAP Mentoring Program.
An experienced Construction Management & Trade NVQ Assessor and CIOB member.