How to Use The Notes

Thank you for enrolling and let’s see if we can make this as simple as possible.  Each of the application guidance pages, whether it be the Candidate Statement or a Competence Report, are all set out in the following way:

  • Report/Statement Brief:   Direction from the CIOB for that section as found on your application.
  • Report Analysis Plan:  Specific section guidance from RivaSure on how to correctly address the Report Brief.
  • General Guidance 1-4:  General guidance from RivaSure on how to address the Report Brief.  Please be aware that the General Guidance for all sections is similar but not necessarily the same.  Therefore it is essential that you systematically read the General Guidance in all sections.

We highly recommend you work in a sequential manor, starting at the beginning of the course and working down.

If you would like your work to be reviewed at any point please upgrade to our personal mentoring service.