MCIOB Membership (R7) Mentoring NOTES

General Guidance for the Professional Review Process

Including completing the application, presentation and content.

This General guidance has been broken into two sections:

  • RivaSure CIOB Application Mentoring -The role of the mentor and the role of the candidate in the process
  • Information on the CIOB assessment of your application-Professional Review Process, not just an application.

What is the role of the Mentor and what is the role of the Candidate in the process?

We have produced section by section guidance for your application.  Having gained the necessary level of qualification and having the experience to gain a Chartered status, the challenge now is to present your knowledge, experience and professional standing in the best possible light so that you are able to be receive professional Chartered recognition. 

 To this end you will be able to review section by section each Report Brief and take on board the guidance given in the Report Brief Analysis, starting with the Applicant Statement and concluding in a sequential manner with the last competence, Commitment to Continual Professional Development.

For those candidates requiring editorial guidance and support, this can be provided as we have a mentoring service to suit all abilities. The role of the candidate is to diligently follow the guidance given to the best of their ability and the role of the RivaSure (mentor) is to assist the candidate to produce their best application possible.

It's a Professional Review Process and not just an application.

It must be noted that your professional review is a process / journey and completing the Application for Chartered Membership is a process in which you give evidence to your knowledge and experience by writing brief experiential reports.

Throughout key stages in your membership journey, you may be asked to provide personal identification documents to verify your details.

Upon submission the CIOB assessment of your application, it must be noted that there are a variety of outcomes:

  • You may be asked some additional questions
  • Your application may be deferred and you may be asked to seek advice and re- submit.
  • You may be asked to come to an interview and should this be the case, you will have an opportunity of 30 to 45 mins. to express yourself clearly and to elaborate on your application reports.  This is seen as an opportunity to shine and this procedure can be arranged to take place on skype.
  • You may be awarded MCIOB without any of the above.

Report / Answer Guidance:

In your application, your reports should be narrative with examples from your day-to-day practice. Avoid using bullet points, lists and headings. Please use spell & grammar checker and ensure your report says what you intend it to say. Maybe ask a colleague to have a quick read through for you.

It must further be noted that by design, the Application for Chartered Membership is a professional application.  So what does this mean;

  • It means that the designated area for your reports/answers on the application form has a limited word count and therefore answers must be succinct and must contain in content, the specific candidate direction given.  There is no room for waffle.
  • If there is space in your report / answer box, you probably haven’t written enough!
  • Your reports need to be written in the first person, so ‘I’ rather than ‘we’. Remember, it’s you who is applying to be assessed for MCIOB and not your company or team.
  • Beware of the word count.  This is stated for each section on your Report Document.
  • Having completed your section report, review each response with the candidate guidance and ask yourself, “Have I answered the question?”